heart of the city

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the first office building I worked in was the former norwest, now wells fargo, at the very top. on breaks I would look out at the top of the city.  even though I’m not a resident of downtown anymore, I visit often for OPEN DOORS, see the BRONZE FONZE and attend every BASTILLE DAYS festival.

I temped downtown in positions during the design of the SANTIAGO CALATRAVA ART MUSEUM, and watched it being built from a window at Northwestern Mutual. It was while working for the architects that I developed an interest in the rich history of the city and enjoy pointing out points of interest to visitors, as well as give correct directions.  even though I still haven’t gone on a brewery tour (which I would do after a viewing of my favorite movie “All ABOUT EVE” ) it’s on my list after recently crossing off going to the top of the CLOCKTOWER, as in the photo.


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revised site for performance artist JOSEPHRAVENS.com


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2012 revision of website for DEFIBRILLATOR performance art gallery, change to imaged based, artist promotion focus and wordpress. features include fast speed, increased traffic with an international reach.


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while revising the site for dfb gallery, one of the challenges was archiving all the performances, shows, workshops and installations. since the front windows of the gallery have developed into a space of its own, called the electrodes, I put together its own site.

what’s in your office?

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Top Shelf (left to right):  google, flickr, deviantART, youtube, rss, twitter, wordpress

Middle Shelf:  reddit, picasa, delicious, stumbleupon, facebook, slideshare, vimeo, yahoo

Bottom shelf:  QuickBooks, linkedin, googlebuzz, designbump, diggit, yelp, technorati, smashing magazine